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Team KL Killer Beez is a Kuala Lumpur City based Division 1, paintball team. Team Killer Beez is currently sponsored by ISI RIMBA, the Survival and Outdoor Academy, for the 2009 campaign. The Team first formed in early 2006, the team now consist of 9 Players and participates in the following events/Leagues;

i. Paintball World Cup Asia tournaments;
ii. Paintball Asia League Series (PALS);
iii. Malaysian Paintball Official Circuit (MPOC), 5 leg Series throughout Malaysia;
iv. National Paintball League (NPL) 5 leg Series throughout Malaysia; and
v. Feeder events e.g. Super Seven, ISSC, Pahang Open, PD Open, ProPaintBall 3on3 Series.

Our Objectives
To promote Paintball as one of the recognized extreme sports in Malaysia;
To instill and promote the positive elements that can be derived from paintball activities;

i. Team spirit/building;
ii. Self reliant/Independent;
iii. Leadership; and
iv. People management and inter-personal skills amongst others.

Team KL Killer Beez's Achievements


i.--01Feb09.. Champions Wilayah 3on3 Open


i.--16Dec08..World Cup Asia 2008 - 2nd Runners Up D2
----26Oct08..2008 MPOC Division 2 Series Champion
----16Aug08..MPOC4.UIAM........2nd placing
----31May08.MPOC3 Penang.......2nd placing
----05Apr08..MPOC2 Bukit Jalil....2nd placing
----16Feb08...MPOC1 Bukit Jalil....Champions
ii . 3on3 Propaintball Cup - 1st Leg (Div 2) - 2nd and 3rd placings

i. MPOC M7 Xball Lite Invitational (5 leg series) - 2007 - Inaugural M7 Series Champion;
ii. MPOC 2007, Pro-Am Division Overall 4th place;
iii. World Cup Asia 2007 - Div 2 - Overall 4th place;
iv. WerdnaHol 3on3 Series 2007 (Open Category) - Overall 3rd.

i. 2006 MPOC Overall Champions - Division 3;
ii. 1st JSC TV3 3on3 - Champions;
iii. Asia Cup 2006 - Division 3 - 1st Runners Up .

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Champion D2 MPOC3 Kedah

Congrats KBz, thanx to all the people that supported us, coaches, frens, training partners. lets keep up the momentum for the next leg in KL.

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