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Team KL Killer Beez is a Kuala Lumpur City based Division 1, paintball team. Team Killer Beez is currently sponsored by ISI RIMBA, the Survival and Outdoor Academy, for the 2009 campaign. The Team first formed in early 2006, the team now consist of 9 Players and participates in the following events/Leagues;

i. Paintball World Cup Asia tournaments;
ii. Paintball Asia League Series (PALS);
iii. Malaysian Paintball Official Circuit (MPOC), 5 leg Series throughout Malaysia;
iv. National Paintball League (NPL) 5 leg Series throughout Malaysia; and
v. Feeder events e.g. Super Seven, ISSC, Pahang Open, PD Open, ProPaintBall 3on3 Series.

Our Objectives
To promote Paintball as one of the recognized extreme sports in Malaysia;
To instill and promote the positive elements that can be derived from paintball activities;

i. Team spirit/building;
ii. Self reliant/Independent;
iii. Leadership; and
iv. People management and inter-personal skills amongst others.

Team KL Killer Beez's Achievements


i.--01Feb09.. Champions Wilayah 3on3 Open


i.--16Dec08..World Cup Asia 2008 - 2nd Runners Up D2
----26Oct08..2008 MPOC Division 2 Series Champion
----16Aug08..MPOC4.UIAM........2nd placing
----31May08.MPOC3 Penang.......2nd placing
----05Apr08..MPOC2 Bukit Jalil....2nd placing
----16Feb08...MPOC1 Bukit Jalil....Champions
ii . 3on3 Propaintball Cup - 1st Leg (Div 2) - 2nd and 3rd placings

i. MPOC M7 Xball Lite Invitational (5 leg series) - 2007 - Inaugural M7 Series Champion;
ii. MPOC 2007, Pro-Am Division Overall 4th place;
iii. World Cup Asia 2007 - Div 2 - Overall 4th place;
iv. WerdnaHol 3on3 Series 2007 (Open Category) - Overall 3rd.

i. 2006 MPOC Overall Champions - Division 3;
ii. 1st JSC TV3 3on3 - Champions;
iii. Asia Cup 2006 - Division 3 - 1st Runners Up .

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Champion D2 MPOC3 Kedah

Congrats KBz, thanx to all the people that supported us, coaches, frens, training partners. lets keep up the momentum for the next leg in KL.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tourney Schedule

Hi guys, WCAX project. Getting the team together for WCA 2010. Pain is Temporary. Pride is Forever.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Updated: Facebook Further Reduces Your Control Over Personal Information

Once upon a time, Facebook could be used simply to share your interests and information with a select small community of your own choosing. As Facebook's privacy policy once promised, "No personal information that you submit to Facebook will be available to any user of the Web Site who does not belong to at least one of the groups specified by you in your privacy settings."

How times have changed.

Today, Facebook removed its users' ability to control who can see their own interests and personal information. Certain parts of users' profiles, "including your current city, hometown, education and work, and likes and interests" will now be transformed into "connections," meaning that they will be shared publicly. If you don't want these parts of your profile to be made public, your only option is to delete them.

The example Facebook uses in its announcement is a page for "Cooking." Previously, you could list "cooking" as an activity you liked on your profile, but your name would not be added to any formal "Cooking" page. (Under the old system, you could become a "fan" of cooking if you wanted). But now, the new Cooking page will publicly display all of the millions of people who list cooking as an activity.

Cooking is not very controversial or privacy-sensitive, and thus makes for a good example from Facebook's perspective. Who would want to conceal their interest in cooking? Of course, the new program will also create public lists for controversial issues, such as an interest in abortion rights, gay marriage, marijuana, tea parties and so on.

But even for an innocuous interest like cooking, it’s not clear how this change is meant to benefit Facebook's users. An ordinary human is not going to look through the list of Facebook's millions of cooking fans. It's far too large. Only data miners and targeted advertisers have the time and inclination to delve that deeply.

There is one loophole — tell Facebook you're under 18. Under Facebook's policy for minors, your interests would only be visible for friends and family and verified networks. You would not be publicly listed on these new connection pages. However, this only works as you set up a new account.

The new connections features benefit Facebook and its business partners, with little benefit to you. But what are you going to do about it? Facebook has consistently ignored demands from its users to create an easy "exit plan" for migrating their personal data to another social networking website, even as it has continued — one small privacy policy update after another — to reduce its users' control over their information.

The answer: Let Facebook hear your frustration. Last December, when Facebook announced a new round of privacy degradations, it provoked a potent combination of public outrage, legal threats, and government investigations. In response, Facebook listened to some criticism and walked-back a few of its changes. Now it will allow users to adjust the visibility of information in their profiles, such as hiding your friend list from other friends. If you want Facebook to walk back these new changes too, let them know how you feel.

Update: A few people have contacted us by email and through Facebook to ask for clarification about this post. They're confused by the language in Facebook's announcement, which describes the new changes as "opt-in".

The issue with Facebook's latest change is not that they force you to link your interests without permission, but rather that they remove an option to express yourself on the profile without links. As we noted, Facebook users now face a Hobson's choice between the new Connections and no listed interests at all. As Facebook explains, "If you didn't connect to any of the suggestions, the sections of your profile to which those suggestions corresponded will now be empty." (The transition tool also allows you to delay the choice by saying 'Ask Me Later'). Previously, you could list interests in your profile without linking; after the transition, you cannot. You do have options to adjust visibility on the profile page, for which we commend Facebook, but nevertheless, this is not a true opt-out because the all the "Facebook Pages you connect to are public."

Facebook users would be better off and better able to express themselves if they could choose whether or not to link their interests and activities to a community, if they decide to list them.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

KBz Skeds 2010

Monday, September 21, 2009

Takziah - Al Fatihah

Dukacita dimaklumkan bahwa ibu kepada sahabat dan saudara kita, Mamat (Khairul idzuan, (9W2XSV)) dari KillerBeez, telah kembali ke Rahmatullah pada malam semalam 20 Sept 09 di Tampin. Semoga Roh ibu nya ditempatkan dengan orang orang beriman. Al Fatihah.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

25Jul09.KBz EVnt, SiberJaya

KBz first event @ cyberjaya.

Overview of the event area. Jedi master Pingu and young padawan Speck.

Busy Beez

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Friday, August 14, 2009

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

WCA 2009, 19,20,21 & 22

List of Teams, UnReal, Watch4it.....

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

WCA 2008, ReVisit


It was a gloomy Friday morning when we arrived at Xtreme Park in Bukit Jalil, site of the WCA 2008. It had rained earlier in the morning, but had tapered of at about 0500. The tournament fields looks good (better than in 2006/7, but hey, this is just the first day :) ). By 0700, the participating teams have started to arrived. Team banners and flags were put up; the vendor tents have slowly started to come alive. The first games of the tourney started early. Ahh..Was a perfect morning..

Then it happened, about mid morning ...there was power failure which affected the air compressors which subsequently delayed the games for about 1.5 hours. The power came up after repairs were made and the games got underway again. The competitions at the games were intensed with lots of D2 and D3 teams providing the initial actions. D1teams were to play their games on Saturday.

Listed are the teams that Team KL Killer Beez played against on Day 1, Friday;
Team Immortalz
Team Rimba Bandits
Team Global Pinoy(Phil)
Team Splatzone Dragoons(Sabah)
Team Dynamics(Taiwan)
Team Infernal 2(Thai)
Team Wasp Black(Aust)
Team Demonic(Thai)
Team Splatmasters(Phil)
Team Highway Star(Thai)

It was a good day’s performance for Killer Beez, We liked to think that we'd played well on the first day, winning 9 out of 11 games that we played. We lost only to the Thais. We played a tight well coordinated attacking strategy in almost all our games. Unfortunately, the saying that “don’t fix it if its not broken” was to be our achilles heel, during the final stages of the tourney.. Oh...i also managed to get to play a game (I think it was against one of the Pinoy’s team) using the new Eclipse GEO (thanx Big Bro Aris of Raskal,, heh heh), the handling felt good, the marker had the accuracy and consistency....wish i could get it..hmmmm.

We got some of our friends together to help out and would like to thank them for being our crew. Thanks Ayie, Wilson (thnx for the pix) and Mike (hope the toothache is gone) for helping us out there.

By end of the day, about 1600, the skies assembled with storm clouds and the rain fell later in the evening.


There were no games for us on Saturday, so took some time to look around the products/vendors booths.There were a lot of discounts for paintball items at the vendor stations, Dye, Proto, Eclipse, MacDevs and others. I went to visit the vendors today to find some parts for my trusty PMR, The Tech from Dye was gracious enough to replace the PMRs battery harness and also got some good discounts from them on other items. Thanx guys. I would like to advice paintballers to take the opportunity to visit and get them to look at your markers.


For Super Sunday's second round, Team Killer Beez would be pitched against the following teams;
Teams Aggression(Thai), Rimba Bandits ,and Highway Star(Thai). The day started early as usual, the 2nd round games were about to start. Our groupings (Group C) consist of Teams Aggression (THA), Isi Rimba (MAS) and HighwayStar (THA). We lost against Team HighwayStar, but managed to win against the other teams in the group. However, it was also unfortunate that we also had to take out Team Rimba Bandits. Something about the Thai teams, we seem to find it difficult to win against them, in the prelims we lost to teams Infernal2 and HighwayStar, luckily we won against Team Agression. In the group crossover, we had to beat Team Warrior, which we did, although we wish they would not have to be out of the tourney. We were setup to play Australia’s Wasp Black in the semis. The ozzies took the first game before we fought back and took the second. The decisive 3rd game was in favour of the ozzies, these guys were reading our gameplay and countered. Wasp Black went into the finals.

Killer Beez and IronSea fought for 3rd and 4th placing, after an even fight, Killer Beez took the 3rd placing in the Division 2, WCA 2008. That concluded our campaign for the year.

Pictures courtesy of Dezmond-Residentevilchef, axn, 9w2XI.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Malaysian Made Pball Jerseys

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Moving On...

One of our team member, En. Zafry, has decided to move on. He has joined Team Nemesis Legion. We would like to thank him for his contributions when he was with us and would like to wish him well in his new team. 73s.

pix by Dez.

HappyBday Pingu 23Jul09

Dear Pingu, Selamat panjang umur, murah rezeki dan more kemenangan, cheers.

(pix by AbgDin)